Nautilus offers the most comprehensive, experience-based services for litigation testimony and support, because we’re one of the few who do the work that stems from it. Our meticulous and reliable reconstruction evaluation and planning leads to realistic, cost-accountable solutions that garner reasonable settlements, resulting in higher satisfaction for litigants, owners, boards and residents.

Construction Cost Estimating

Nautilus’ estimators and consultants use digital technology, on-site analysis, and knowledge that can only be gained from years of industry experience to collect information promptly and precisely, accurately evaluate it, and then clearly present it. We deliver cost-of-repair estimates that we can actually guarantee—an offering that is unique to our company.

Forensic Architectural Services

We employ targeted visual and destructive testing, the latest technologies, and meticulous analytical skills to carefully uncover the root causes of architectural defects, isolate mechanisms of failure, and develop the appropriate repair or improvement recommendations. This leads to solid reconstruction plans that prevent recurrence of problems.

Litigation Support

We are committed to supporting our clients through the litigation. Our work is backed by real-life project experience, thorough preparation, and thoughtful delivery—whether we are speaking for a plaintiff, a defendant, or as a neutral expert. Our collaborative approach with a variety of litigation teams has resulted in a successful history working on thousands of cases—including depositions, trials and arbitrations—in both state and federal court, across four states.

Adding Value Through Experience

Company President Stefen Gustafson is a licensed general contractor, general engineering contractor and registered architect who brings more than 30 years of building experience to each project. He is a respected industry consultant who leads the Nautilus team in resolving complicated reconstruction issues through comprehensive evaluation and dedicated follow-through.


Contracting & Consulting


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