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Project Update

March 12, 2020



Project Schedule: Please note our schedule is now accelerated, please click on the “Talega Repipe Site Map March Thru End” link below to see when we expect to be re piping homes in your area.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the repairs?
Due to on-going issue with leaking copper pipes identified as a major defect in our recently settled construction defect suit the Association has selected Nautilus General Contractors to oversee the repipe all plumbing lines in each house from copper to a cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX). Nautilus will also be addressing geotechnical settlement and roofing issues as well as a community exterior repaint.
When will repairs inside my residence begin?
Work has begun along Paseo Rosa (we started in the homes just West of the lawn area where you can see our jobsite office), we are reaching out to residents roughly a month prior to the work being performed and you’ll have a firm date set roughly 2 weeks before we begin. All Alassio plans will be performed prior to starting work on the Santalana homes.  
Can I remain in my unit while repairs are being conducted?
Yes, relocation is not necessary. Your water will be shut off between 8AM and 5PM one to two days while work is happening on your unit. It is not required, but we prefer that you not remain inside your unit while we are working for your safety and well-being. The only mandate is that you stay clear of work areas and construction path of travel while the crews are inside your unit.
Is there anything I need to do in advance of the repairs commencing?
We will be conducting an in-home consultation with you approximately 2 weeks prior to the work starting. At that time we’ll explain what the work will entail in terms of disturbance of wall or ceiling surfaces and what is expected of you in preparation for the work. While they’ll cover this with you in detail during the consultation, typically this involves some movement of furniture, removal of wall hangings and items from countertops and emptying out cabinets under sinks.
What should I expect while repairs are being performed in my unit?
Day one will involve setting up of protection for your floor surfaces and putting of plastic sheeting “walls” to limit dust to adjacent areas. On this day they’ll be removing areas of drywall on walls and ceilings to provide access to the piping. Day 2 is primarily the plumber re-piping your unit, this is when water will be “off” during working hours. Day 3 will be final plumbing items, inspection by the City of the plumbing and the start of drywall put-back. Water may be shut off for a time on this day. The remainder of the time (up to 10 total work days) will be putting back the drywall and painting activities. There are two primary subcontractors, but the “drywall demo, drywall put-back, finishing and painting” are likely 4 different crews, but all working for the same company.
Will I have water and can I use my toilet?
Water will be shut-off in your unit from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on one to two days while repairs are being conducted in your unit. None of your plumbing fixtures will be operable when the water is off. Water will be turned back on at the end of working hours, each day. Water shutdown lengths may vary per unit and residents will be provided as much notice as possible. Except when water is off, you will have at least one functioning toilet.
What if I will not be home at 7:30 AM to provide access to my unit?
Ideally we’d like you to let us in at the start of the day and be home when we are finished, but we realize that’s not always practical. Please review this during the walk-thru with our representatives to make the appropriate arrangements. Typically in such situations we are provided with a spare key, a code to the garage door, or you might leave a key with a neighbor who will be home.
What should I do with my valuables or personal belongings?
Fragile items should be removed from the work area and even if not in the work area, off shelves / cabinets (vibration can cause items to “walk” off of shelves!). Valuables such as, but not limited to jewelry, purses, wallets, cash…..please remove from the work area and store safely somewhere else in the home.
What should I do with my pets?
Pets should be kept in a room not involved in the work or boarded between the hours of 7:30a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Will I be able to continue to park my car in our garage during reconstruction?
All cars must be out of the garage during working hours, at the end of the day we’ll provide you with enough space to part one car in the garage if you desire. Each residence will be offered two parking passes, these will allow you to park on the street for the duration of the work.
What should I expect to occur around our community?
Our construction office trailer, tools, and material storage will be set-up on the large grass area on the East end of Paseo Rosa. Pedestrian traffic will not be obstructed. You should expect an increase in vehicular traffic and street parking will be impacted during work hours.
Who should I contact for construction related inquiries?
We have a designated homeowner liaison for this project who will be able to receive inquiries and provide answers for individual homeowners.
Haley Staufenbeil, Homeowner Liaison
Phone: 858-939-1537
How will I be notified and receive updates on progress?
We will email, mail and post (on unit doors) notifications pertaining to important construction updates and timelines. However, this assumes we have your correct contact information! Sending Haley a confirming email concerning your contact info is highly recommended!

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