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I can’t say enough about how great the Nautilus staff and crews were. They worked so hard and were courteous to all our residents throughout this huge and difficult project. Please know that you have a stellar group of people working for Nautilus.

Monica Martinez
Property Manage
Surfside III COA

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As the Association Managers, we were tasked with conducting a project under intense scrutiny from disparate parties. Nautilus delivered immediate solutions that also improved the long term property value for each owner.

Andrea TagleSr. Portfolio Manager, Meisner Jacquet
Eastlake Professional Center

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Nautilus was instrumental in getting the construction defect case resolved because they provided creative repair alternatives and realistic estimating costs that they were willing to guarantee and provide a contract to complete.

Theodore Cercos
Founding Partner, LG&C, LLP

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They were neither the high bid, nor the low bid. But they were the most comprehensive and detailed bid. Because they didn’t leave anything out in the proposal, we believed they wouldn’t in the work.

Gary Roth
Board President & Plumbing Committee Chair
The Plaza Condominiums

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We tested Nautilus from the very beginning, and they proved themselves at every touchpoint, from scope development to their ‘open bid’ process. They were customer focused and diligent about addressing every obstacle that came their way. It was clear they knew more about the building than anybody else did.

Marianne Johnson
Board President
Porto Siena Condominiums